The Effective Pre-Analytical Automation Solution from Tecan


The FE500pro is Tecan’s front-end, pre-analytical laboratory automation solution. Automation of the pre-analytical process is receiving increasing interest from laboratory managers all over the world. FE500pro combines pre-analytical functions including pre-sorting, centrifugation, volume check and clot detection, decapping, secondary tube labeling, aliquoting and destination sorting into analyzer racks, on a small footprint instrument.


Functions of the FE500pro:
Pre-sorting Secondary tube labelling
Centrifugation Aliquoting
Volume check Destination sorting into analyzer racks


  Reduced Costs through efficient use of sample Reduced costs     Greater Process Security with full sample traceability Greater Process Security    
  Improved Logistics by integrating all the pre-analytic functions Improved logistics     Increased Safety for staff and patients Increased safety    


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