FE500pro™ - Greater process security

Improving process security


A smooth completion of all the pre-analytical steps is guaranteed with the FE500pro™, thanks to constant sample monitoring and bi-directional communication with the LIS. Samples are assigned to multi-tube pucks on arrival, and the puck barcode and the presence of individual tubes is checked at every station, ensuring reliable sample tracking and providing an electronic audit trail.

Universal decapping
The FE500pro’s decapper is compatible with most primary tubes on the market. Decapping occurs inside an aerosol protected shielding, to prevent cross contamination and increase sample safety.

LIS-determined preparation of secondary tubes
Sample requirements are determined by direct interrogation of the LIS, and secondary tubes are aliquoted and labeled automatically. Both primary and secondary tube barcodes are verified prior to pipetting, and the secondary tube labeler can accommodate more than 1,500 tubes 8,500 labels.

Direct loading of analyzer racks
The FE500pro can load tubes directly into various analyzer racks, for the immediate use on the corresponding instruments downstream in the laboratory workflow.

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