Increased Safety


By automating the pre-analytical processes with the FE500pro, human interaction with the samples is minimized, and the risk of infection and cross-contamination is decreased significantly.
This helps to protect laboratory staff, cleaning personnel, patients and visitors from infection.

Maximized operator safety
The worktable is enclosed by acrylic panels, and the use of loading trays protects the operator from coming into contact with moving robotic arms. Dedicated unloading carriers are designed to avoid contact between the operator and moving parts or decapped samples.

Automated monitoring
The FE500pro monitors processes requiring operator action, such as refilling of consumables or removal of waste. When such action is required, only affected modules are de-activated, allowing safe user intervention, without reducing the throughput of unaffected modules.

Safe distance tube handling
The two-lane conveyor system avoids cross-contamination between tubes, and allows individual samples to bypass modules, maximizing flexibility and throughput.

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