Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader- Applications

The advanced multimode detection system for a range of research labs in academia and life science industry

The Infinite 200 PRO series is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications requiring excellent sensitivity, multiplexing capability and high format flexibility including 6 – 384-well microplates as well as cuvettes and the NanoQuant Plate™ for small sample size applications.

The Infinite® 200 PRO plate reader supports many different applications and assay technologies, such as:

  • Genomic applications:
    • DNA-quantification via Abs. 260nm reading
    • DNA & RNA-quantification via FI-reading: PicoGreen®, RiboGreen®, Hoechst-dyes
    • DNA-purity check via Abs. 260 / Abs. 280 nm ratio measurements
    • Protein quantification via BCA®, Bradford & Lowry® -assay
    • Reporter Gene Assays such as alkaline phosphatase, GFP etc.
  • Cell-based applications:
    • Cell viability, proliferation, migration, adhesion
    • Apoptosis
    • Ion channel assays
  • Monitoring of molecular interactions via FP-measurements:
    • Receptor / Ligand interactions
    • DNA / DNA binding
    • DNA/Protein binding
    • Protein/protein binding
    • PolarScreen Red Assay
  • FRET-assays
  • TR-FRET-assays
  • AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® assays
  • Multilabel assays
  • Europium assays

The Infinite 200 PRO is certified for following assays:

If you are interested in more details on the applications for the Infinite 200 PRO series, please take a look at the related Technical Literature / Download

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