Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader - Features

The Infinite 200 PRO series of microplate readers can provide a range of leading methods in one easy-to-use, modular instrument. Users can choose from either advanced Quad4 Monochromators™ technology or Tecan’s intelligentfilter slide system, selecting the modules they require to create the perfect reader for their needs.

The Infinite M200 PRO can access all wavelengths for top reading for easy measurement of multiplexed assays at the touch of a button.

The Infinite F200 PRO offers a high performance and cost-efficient alternative for routine and high-end applications such as TR-FRET, and is perfectly suited for studies in homogenous mix and read assays.

Infinite M200 PRO with advanced Quad4 monochromator™ technology Tecan’s filter slide with patent pending system for monitoring of filter lifetime
Quad4 monochromator™ Tecan's patented filter slide system with
integrated flash counter

Infinite M200 PRO monochromator system Infinite F200 PRO filter system
  • Quad4 monochromators for excellentperformance AND flexibility
  • Advanced wavelength-scanning for high application flexibility
  • Fast wavelength switching for ion studies
  • Automated z-adjustment with integrated background correction
  • NanoQuant Plate for low sample volume measurements
  • Excellent TR-FRET (HTRF®) performance
  • Optimized filter sets for routine applications
  • Dichroic mirrors for optimizing TR-FRET assays
  • Patented system for monitoring of filter lifetime
  • NanoQuant Plate for low sample volume measurements


Superior performance in absorbance mode:

High sensitivity absorbance mode offers accurate endpoint measurements over the entire spectral range. The Infinite 200 PRO multimode reader is also the first microplate reader to be developed specifically for absorbance applications with low volume samples, using Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate™.


Format flexibility

The Infinite M200 PRO can be used with micro- and standard cuvettes in an upright position, as well as a wide variety of microplate formats from 6- to 384-wells, including half area plates, PCR plates and the NanoQuant Plate. It can also be used with the Connect™ stackersystem to allow batch processing of up to 50 plates per run.

Format flexibility of Tecan Infinite 200 PRO multimode reader
Format flexibility of Infinite 200 PRO plate reader series


Comprehensive user friendliness:

Flexible i-control™ software software provides an easy-to-use software interface, allowing the user todefine workflows for each application. The drag-and-drop menu offers effortless creation of application-oriented measurement scripts and protocols, which can then be saved for future use.

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