Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader- Options

NanoQuant Plate™

Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate is a sensitive, quartz-based tool that can measure up to 16 samples simultaneously from just 2 μl sample volumes, and detects DNA or RNA concentrations as low as 1 ng/μl. The NanoQuant Plate is compatible with multi-channel pipettes and gives high measurement reproducibility; it is available for standard Infinite 200 PRO instruments and for Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant.


NanoQuant Plate compatible with multi-chanel pipettes NanoQuant Plate for small sample size applications
NanoQuant Plate Measurements of small sample size

Dichroic mirror for advanced TR-FRET assays

The dichroic mirror option allows TR-FRET (HTRF®) assays on the Infinite F200 PRO, and enhances detection limits for TRF Top Europium and FI Top fluorescein measurements.

Optimized injector module

State-of-the-art injectors can dispense up to two reagents per well, for 6- to 384-well format microplates, replacing manual pipetting steps or triggering fast kinetic reactions. The injector module has been optimized for less wastage of substrates and buffers, and has metal-free needles to allow ion studies. Injectors have variable volume and speed settings, a ratio mode to allow fast switching of wavelengths, and pre-defined cleaning protocols for easy maintenance.




 Injectors up to two syringes with adjustable volume and speed settings


 Injectors up to two syringes with adjustable volume and speed settings


Advanced z-focus

Automated, adjustable z-focus facilitates assay miniaturization for FI Top measurements on the Infinite M200 PRO, achieving equally high sensitivity and performance in low volumeplates. Advanced background correction makes the instrument particularly suited to cell-based applications using autofluorescent growth media, providing automatic optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio.


MultiCheck™-QC package for Infinite 200 series

The MultiCheck QC-package is designed to enable the rapid function check for Tecan multimode readers, and consists of the MultiCheck software package and an advanced QC-plate, supporting all major reading modes, including FI, TRF, FP, absorbance & luminescence. A set of IQ/OQ documents is also available for the Infinite 200 PRO.


MultiCheck™-QC package for Infinite 200 series

MultiCheck™-QC  Plate


The Infinite 200 PRO series can easily interface with the Connect™ stacker system for batch-processingof up to 50 plates per run.

Additionally the Infinite 200 PRO series integrates seamlessly into the Feedom EVO® series of automated platforms.

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