Infinite® 200 PRO NanoQuant - Features

Tecan’s matchless NanoQuant technology

The patented NanoQuant Plate™ is a sensitive, quartz-based tool that can measure up to 16 samples simultaneously from sample volumes as low as 2 μl, using a separate quartz optic for each sample. The NanoQuant Plate is compatible with multi-channel pipettes and allows the detection of nucleic acids concentrations of just 1 ng/μl, with reproducibility rates under 5 %. The NanoQuant plate is also available for standard Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader

  Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant Plate compatible with multi-channel pipette for small sample size applications NanoQuant Plate with multi-channel pipette.

Key features

  • Exceptional Sensitivity - for nucleic acid quantification with concentrations as low as 1 ng/μl.
  • Outstanding Flexibility - performs absorbance measurements with the NanoQuant Plate™, standard microplates (6 to 384 wells), cuvettes and half-well 96-well plates.
  • Our Friendliness and Simplicity - includes new application-oriented i-control™ software for rapid DNA/RNA quantification and identify dye incorporation by measuring the labeling efficiency of nucleic acids.
  • Modular design - Upgradeable – additional Infinite 200 PRO detection modes can also be included.
  • Temperature control - for cellular and biochemical assays

Key applications

  • DNA/RNA quantification during sample preparation for PCR-based assays, such as in research, genetics, forensics and blood banking laboratories
  • Measuring the labeling efficiency of dye-labeled samples, such as for FISH- and microarray-based experiments

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