Infinite® F50 / Robotic –
Absorbance microplate readers

Infinite® F50 & Infinite® F50 Robotic – Absorbance microplate readers
98/79/EC IVD-D 21 CFR Part 11

Reliable. Validated. Compact.

The Infinite F50 and the Infinite F50 Robotic are Tecan's next generation, 8-channel absorbance microplate readers that provide accurate, reproducible and fast measurements out of a compact, innovative design.

Together with the powerful Magellan™ reader control and data analysis software, the
Infinite F50 & Infinite F50 Robotic are ideal for a variety of ELISA applications.




Product highlights of the Infinite F50 & Infinite F50 Robotic – at a glance

  • Fast absorbance plate reader providing 8-measurement channels & 1-reference channel
  • Innovative long-life LED lamp instead of halogen lamp for maintenance-free operation
  • Compact footprint saves valuable bench space in laboratory
  • 2 year warranty and a tested reliability of more than 100.000 plates
  • Endpoint, kinetic & multi-label measurements for a range of applications
  • Magellan data analysis software for quick measurements and powerful data reduction
  • Full qualitative & quantitative EIA analysis including all major curve fittings and QC function
  • Wizard-based software interface in nine languages, including Chinese, Japanese & Russian
  • Learning tutorials and example files for getting started easily
  • Designed to meet 98/79 EC IVD-D & FDA 21 CFR part 11 with Magellan Tracker software
  • New, dedicated Infinite F50 Robotic model for integration onto Freedom EVO platform
Please check availability of the Infinite F50 & the Infinite F50 Robotic in your country with your local sales representative.

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