Infinite® F50 / Robotic – Options

LIS option – hand-held barcode scanner

Creating Sample ID lists is easy, convenient and time-saving with the hand-held barcode scanner option (LIS option).

It allows the reading of barcodes from sample IDs or plate IDs, automatically transfering the data into Magellan™ software, and data export to the appropriate Laboratory Information System (LIS).


Quality Control Tool – MultiCheck™ package

A continuous quality check of instruments is essential for reliable measurement data.

The MultiCheck package for the Infinite F50 and the Infinite F50 Robotic offers a fast and easy way to verify and document the performance of your microplate reader. It provides a system check - according to specified parameters and limits - appropriate for installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ), which is essential to ensure reader functionality and valid measurement data over time.

Rapid and convenient


The MultiCheck F50 software performs a full check of the essential parameters of the Infinite F50 and the Infinite F50 Robotic readers reader such as:

  • Absorbance Accuracy, Precision and Linearity
  • Plate carrier alignment
  • Filter verification

Measurements and calculations are performed automatically in less than 10 minutes and are documented in a corresponding report file. Should any of the parameters fail to meet the defined limits, the failure is reported. The report protocols are readily available for use to meet the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

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