Infinite® M1000 PRO - Applications

The Infinite M1000 PRO supports a broad range of microplate-based detection assays, please refer to the technical literature/download section for application notes, technical notes and posters.

  • TR-FRET-based assays: all major formats e.g. HTRF® (Cisbio International, France), LanthaScreen® (Invitrogen).
  • FRET-based assays: e.g. Z`-LYTE® [Invitrogen] to study cellular protein kinases, GeneBLAzer® [Invitrogen] Reporter Gene assays.
  • Glow luminescence: cell-based & reporter gene assays
  • Flash luminescence: e.g. dual luciferase assay (DLR®) and various Ca2+ detection assays
  • AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®: homogenous bead based-assays
  • Fluorescence polarization: e.g. Predictor™ hERG Fluorescence Polarization Assay [Invitrogen], PolarScreen™ Glucocorticoid Receptor Competitor Assay Kit, Red [Invitrogen], PolarScreen™ Glucocorticoid Receptor Competitor Assay Kit, Green [Invitrogen], Transcreener® ADP Assay [BellBrook Labs
  • Fast wavelength scanning: extremely useful when working with permanently changing and new fluorophores or with unknown spectra (resulting e.g. from unknown compounds). The Infinite M1000 PRO can rapidly perform 3D scans.


The Infinite M1000 PRO has been validated by Invitrogen for the following Invitrogen assays:



LanthaScreen® Certified  

The Infinite M1000 PRO has been granted the LanthaScreen® Certified Plus Status by Invitrogen

PolarScreen and Predictor are trademarks of Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, USA.
LanthaScreen, Adapta, GeneBLAzer, Omnia and Z’-LYTE are registered trademarks of Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, USA.




The Infinite M1000 PRO has been successfully validated and certified for HTRF® in white plates by CisBio bioassays.

HTRF® is a registered trademark of Cisbio international, France. The fluorescence ratio associated with the HTRF readout is a correction method developed by Cisbio international and covered by the US patent 5,527,684 and its foreign equivalents, for which Cisbio international has granted a license to Tecan Group Ltd. Its application is strictly limited to the use of HTRF reagents and technology, excluding any other TRFRET technologies.




The Infinite M1000 PRO has been successfully validated for Transcreener® Far Red FP and Transcreener® FI validated by BellBrook Labs, LLC, USA and meets the requirements for BellBrook Labs’ Instrument Validation Program.

Transcreener® HTS Assay Platform is a patented technology of BellBrook Labs, LLC USA. Transcreener® is a registered trademark of BellBrokk Labs, LLC USA.




The Infinite M1000 PRO has passed the DLReady™ validation at Promega and is certified as DLReady™.

DLReady™ is a trademark of Promega Corporation, USA.



Infinite M1000 PRO

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