Sunrise™ platform - Features

The Sunrise microplate reader features a sophisticated 12-channel optical module, which ensures fast measurements and high quality results.


This advanced design allows the Sunrise microplate reader to process an entire 96-well plate in only 6 seconds for a single-wavelength read and in only 8 seconds for dual-wavelength read.

A range of optic configurations with optional 4-filter positions or 6-filter positions per filter-slide are available for readings at fixed wavelength.

Furthermore, the advanced gradient filter option allows performing wavelength scans & fixed wavelength readings in the VIS-range of the spectrum from 400 – 700nm in increments of 1nm.


For easy transfer of sample-IDs into the Magellan data analysis software a handheld barcode scanner is available from Tecan, as part of the LIS-option*

The Magellan software additionally provides an export function for results & sample IDs to a compatible Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), using ASCII- or ASTM- file format.

* USB-hub not included in LIS option.



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