Run Recovery with Freedom EVOware®


Did something unexpected happen during your run?
Did the run abort, or did you have to stop it?
No matter what the reason is, with Freedom EVOware, you can continue your run from where it stopped. The recovery wizard assists you in resuming your run safely.


  No lost samples
If samples or any other valuable liquid are still contained in the tips, you can choose to dispense them back into any available labware. Thus no liquid needs to get wasted even if you choose not to continue the run.
  Recovery wizard
You can restart your run where it stopped or, if you like, choose to repeat one or more steps. You can also choose to complete an interrupted step by hand and resume at a later step in the process.
This means that you have control over how you would like to continue the run – you have the power in your hands.
  Built-in recovery flexibility
We know how important your application is and you should never need to lose a run. Therefore, recovery is possible regardless of whether you are using Freedom EVOware with or without scheduling, or if you are using a LIMS connection to control your pipetting.
  Safe stopping
If a run must be interrupted, the software always tries to stop the run at a safe point in time. In certain situations, like power failures, this might not be possible but, in such situations, recovery can still be done. The software automatically moves all arms to their safe positions, but also provides the tools to move them manually.

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