Instant Pipetting™

Instant Pipetting is a unique, patent pending module for direct, real-time control of pipetting workstations through an easy-to-use touchscreen, without the user needing any previous knowledge of programming. This innovative feature allows the user to perform common pipetting operations, like sample distribution, reagent addition and serial dilution, in an easy and interactive way. Even without programming skills or a pre-defined script, the user can immediately start pipetting without help from an automation specialist.

Instant Pipetting can reduce the number of repetitive tasks for laboratory staff, freeing up time for more interesting and intellectual tasks. By increasing use of the pipetting platform and reducing its idle time, return on investment can also be improved.


Main features

Instant Pipetting

Makes automation accessible for everyone
Instant Pipetting turns your Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation into an automated hand pipette. No need for complicated programming of the robot – just use the touch screen and the Freedom EVO will perform the requested action in real time.

Pippeted sequences  

Offers a truly new way of defining applications
Instant Pipetting provides a new way of programming the instrument and implementing applications onto an automated system. All pipetting actions can be immediately repeated or saved and later recalled, effectively providing a new way of programming an automated liquid handling system.

Instant Pipetting is a part of TouchTools Suite™.

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