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Freedom EVOlution™

Application oriented software for sample distribution and ELISA


The Freedom EVOlution software enables an easy set up of sophisticated pipetting procedures for pre-analytical sample distribution, assay preparation and fully automated ELISA that are processed on the Freedom EVO® Clinical and Freedom EVOlyzer® workstations – our IVD-D (98/79/EC) platforms.

The package allows sample-based pipetting procedures for a wide variety of tasks:

  • diluting of samples
  • dispensing of reagents
  • preparation of assay controls
  • common pre-dilution
  • split of source tubes into multiple destination tubes*

* only on the Freedom EVO Clinical possible

The Freedom EVOlution software offers different pipetting options such as:

  • sample dilution in tip
  • preparation of pre-dilutions in 96-well plates or tubes
  • single, multi or parallel pipetting options to reduce process time and consumable consumption
  • 96-well and strip plates handling

The guided graphical user interface is available in different languages and has touch-screen compatibility.

A Worktable Loading Interface facilitates the interaction with the operator during the run and triggers a re-scan after intervention. Reload of samples, reagents, microplates and disposable tips allows a continuous operation for the high throughput. The safety concept is based on full process traceability and documentation, with guided maintenance and full audit trail.
The user can choose between batch, worklist or ASTM (NCCLS LIS1 / NCCLS LIS2) operating modes.


  • easy operation via intuitive GUI in several languages
  • fast set up and on-the-fly modification of assay scripts
  • full traceability of processes and samples
  • automated maintenance with audit trail


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