Sample preparation solutions

Dilute and shoot (D&S) and liquid-liquid extractions (LLE) are fast and easy sample preparation methods for low complexity matrices and high abundance analytes.

For maximum flexibility and to future-proof your investment, several extraction methods can be combined on one platform.

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D&S and LLE workflows are employed in many laboratories for low complexity analyses and abundant analytes. Automating LLE is especially challenging because of the phase separation steps. Tecan offers a range of automated solutions that can be adapted to meet your needs, from pipetting and sample tracking to full automation with one or more separation techniques. The platforms are upgradeable, allowing you to increase the level of automation in line with your investment plans.


Toxicology and hospital laboratories performing urinary drug screening routinely use dilute and shoot for simple sample preparation. In some cases, a hydrolysis reaction is also performed to release the analyte from any moiety it is coupled to. Automation offers a cost-effective solution for dilute and shoot workflows, helping to reduce repeat tests, increase productivity and enhance data quality. The challenge is to reduce ion suppression, matrix interference and increased maintenance of LC-MS equipment.

1 - Freedom EVO® 100 Air with 4-channel liquid handling
2 - Trough carriers for reagents
3 - Tube racks for samples
4 - PosID
5 - Te-Shake
6 - Freedom EVOware® standard, TouchTools™ LCMS Data converter

Freedom EVO® LLE/protein precipitation workstation

LLE is a sample extraction method that separates analytes based on their relative solubility in two different immiscible liquids, and is widely employed by clinical, medicinal chemistry and food labs. Despite its popularity, the technique is very labor intensive and poses a number of challenges; variable extraction yields, high solvent consumption and operator health risks due to exposure to hazardous organic solvents. Automation can reduce these risks and lead to more reproducible results.

1 - Freedom EVO® 100 with four-channel Air LiHa™
2 - Trough carriers for reagents
3 - Tube racks for samples
4 - PosID™ barcode reader
5 – Te-Shake™ module
6 - Hettich Rotanta 460 centrifuge, temperature controlled
7 - Freedom EVOware® standard, TouchTools™ LCMS Data Converter

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