Positive Pressure Solid Phase Extraction

Perform automated SPE method development and handsfree routine execution

SPE cartridges are used in a broad variety of labs – hospitals and toxicology service labs performing medicolegal drug testing, CRO’s for bioanalytical/bioequivalence studies and food contaminants testing labs. The manual process is very labour intensive and makes operators prone to RSI. Human errors lead to lower TAT, more repeat tests and therefore higher costs and overall lowered lab efficiency. Moreover, operators are exposed to hazardous solvents posing health risks.


An example of a SPE workflow
Scan sample
Pipette QC’s
and calibrants
SPE tube
SPE tube
SPE tube
dry down
Reconstitution in
mobile phase solvent
Benefits of a Freedom EVO positive pressure SPE workstation
Operator-free batch processing of upto 144 samples with 1 ml cartridges, 80 samples with 3 mL cartridges and 64 samples with 6 mL cartridges.
Use of disposable tips for sample pipetting remove the need for excessive washing cycles reducing solvent consumption.
Barcode reading for working with LIMS worklists for effortless efficiency. Dedicated user interface for seamless operation.

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