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Tecan offers a large portfolio of reagents and components for scalable semi- and complete automation of immunoassays and specialty diagnostics, which are suitable for use in clinical environments.

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Semi-automated immunoassay workflows

Semi-automated immunoassay workflows

Microplate-based protein purification and detection for low throughput needs.

Semi-automated immunoassay workflows

Integrated immunoassay solutions

Walk away from tedious pipetting tasks, without being locked into a predefined workflow.

Pre- and post-analytical processing

Pre- and post-analytical processing

For immunoassay plate preparation and beyond – sample splitting, reformatting and archiving.

Pre- and post-analytical processing

Automated Immunoassays – ready to use

Tecan plate-based immunoassays can be fully automated on the Freedom EVOlyzer®. We offer specialty diagnostic assays for non-invasive saliva testing, endocrinology, food intolerance and more.