FE500pro™ - Improved Logistics

Saving laboratory space


The FE500pro™ has one of the most compact footprints of any front-end system, combined with the highest integration of functions in the industry. It is the ideal solution for overcrowded laboratories, where equipment such as registration stations and centrifuge farms are cramped together.

Automatic loading and sample registration
The tube loading unit reads the primary tube barcodes, and communicates with your LIS to catalog samples coming into the laboratory.

Integrated centrifugation
Up to 72 samples can be automatically loaded and balanced in centrifuge buckets. The buckets are then transferred to a Hettich centrifuge beneath the worktable, and additional buckets can be loaded/unloaded while the centrifuge is running.

Accurate tube inspection
Optical determination of liquid and separation levels does not require a reading window, and can be performed through up to three layers of labels. Precise tube inspection minimizes sample waste, and reduces consumables costs.

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