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A complete immunoassay portfolio including reagents, washers, readers and full automation.

Analytical Chemistry

Proven workflow solutions for clinical mass spectrometry laboratories.

Molecular Diagnostics

Empowering molecular diagnostic labs with workflow solutions for nucleic acid purification and sequencing.

Customer stories.

Evaluating healthcare clowning's impact on psychiatric children with salivary stress biomarkers.

RED NOSES Clowndoctors Austria and the University of Vienna research healthcare clowning's impact on pediatric patients with psychological disorders since 1994. Initial findings show positive effects on well-being and empowerment, measured by stress, mood, and cortisol levels.

A voyage of discovery: Exploring the role of HMGB1 in trauma pathology.

Oslo University Hospital researchers investigate HMGB1's role in trauma, suggesting it as a biomarker and therapy target due to dual peak levels in trauma patients, potentially linked to delayed mortality. Future research may include animal models and clinical trials.

Diagnosing hormone-based disorders using saliva

Saliva holds essential clues about our health, and advanced technology is enabling precise, non-invasive hormone diagnostics. Biovis’ Diagnostik and Dr. Med. Burkhard Schütz, who are advancing the understanding of hormone imbalances, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments.