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Freedom EVOlyzer®

Effective ELISA automation from Tecan

A high throughput solution for processing entire diagnostic panels – offering improved result comparability.

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Tab 01 / Overview

The Freedom EVOlyzer is a dedicated platform which automates all common ELISA steps, including sample distribution, sample predilution, reagent pipetting, incubation, plate washing, optical density reading and result generation, without compromising operator safety.



  • Continuous sample loading enables fast response to changing demands, offering higher throughput and time savings.
  • Liquid level sensors pre-check sample, reagent and wash buffer volumes, reducing manual interactions and preempting pipetting errors.
  • Integrated maintenance reports support laboratory quality management and reduce administrative efforts.



  • Dual parallel arm processing, with up to eight pipetting tips, offers rapid sample and reagent distribution.
  • Choose between washable tips, conductive disposable tips or use a combination of both to optimize productivity and minimize sample carryover.
  • Dynamic scheduler optimizes system usage and turnaround times by processing up to 12 plates in parallel.



  • Optimized pipetting parameters for consistent processing of precious and difficult to pipet samples.
  • Parallel processing of up to 15 assays for better result comparability.
  • Established protocols for high reproducibility.



  • Automatic barcode scanning tracks samples, plates and reagents throughout the process, ensuring traceability and complete process security.
  • Customizable result indicate run status for straightforward result validation.
  • Simple and supported operation, with reagent shopping list and loading guide, cherry-picking of assays and multi-language software.


Freedom EVOlution™

The Freedom EVOlution software enables an easy set up of sophisticated pipetting procedures for fully automated ELISA on the Freedom EVOlyzer® workstation.


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Our Service for you

We provide you the Freedom EVOlyzer® either as standalone instrument, or with reagent rental agreement and our immunoassay portfolio. Equipment rental plans are a great option for laboratories that face budgetary constraints for the purchase of new instruments for in-lab testing.

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  • Complete integration of the system in your lab
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Workflow analysis
  • Application support after installation
  • Analyzed protocols

Tab 02 / Configurations

Freedom EVOlyzer 100, 150, 200

No need to compromise

The Freedom EVOlyzer suits many different laboratory demands – from small-scale laboratories performing many assays to test low numbers of samples, to high throughput screening facilities that analyze thousands of samples using a limited range of assays.

Freedom EVOlyzer Comparison
Instrument Specifications Freedom
EVOlyzer 100
EVOlyzer 150
EVOlyzer 200
Height (mm) 910 910 910
Width (mm) 1520 1890 2490
Depth (mm) 800 800 800
Mass (kg) 210 260 290
Power supply 100-120 V, 50‑60 Hz
600 VA
220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
1200 VA
220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
1200 VA
Sample input formats 10-16 mm diameter tubes, microplates, strip plates or deep-well plates
Ambient incubation slots 6 6 - 12 12
Plate storage positions 16 24 - 32 32
Liquid Handling
Pipetting tips 2 or 4 4 or 8 8
Pipetting precision achievable in the application 10 µl with ≤3.5% CV (fixed tip, disposable tip 200 µl)
100 µl with ≤0.75% CV (fixed tip, disposable tip 200 µl)
Minimum dispensing volume 10 µl (fixed tip, disposable tip 200 µl)
25 µl (disposable tip 1000 µl)
Maximum dispensing volume
Volumes >900 µl require optimization by a trained application specialist
900 µl 900 µl 900 µl
Sample capacity per load Flexible, typically 96 to 512
Number of simultaneous pipetting plates 3 3-6 6
Maximum number of concurrent assays Up to 20 assays per run
Typical number of plates processed in parallel 4-5 5-9 Up to 12
Heated incubation slots 6 6-12 12
Incubation temperature From 5 °C above ambient temperature to 46 °C
Shaker Optional, included in MIO, up to 500 rpm  
Manifold 8-way or 16-way manifold
Wash channels 4 channels for wash buffers, wash buffer capacities: 2 x 2 l and 2 x 4 l with liquid level sensing
Wash modes Strip or plate mode
Measurement range 340 - 3 99 nm: 0 - 3 .0 OD; 400 - 750 nm: 0 - 4 .0 OD
Wavelength selection 4 or 6 fixed interference filters (405,450,492,(540,570),620nm) or gradient filter (400 – 700 nm)
Measurement time Single wavelength: 6 seconds; dual wavelength: 8 seconds
Freedom EVOlution™ Software
Operating System Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 10
LIS integration Bi-directional, ASTM (NCCLS LIS1, NCCLS LIS2)

Tab 03 / Literature

Application Notes

Supporting a variety of ELISA testing kits on a single automated platform

Screening of animal diseases using ELISA

Process automation helps to control PRRS and other diseases in swine herds

First described in the US in 1987, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is a viral swine disease that causes a range of reproductive and respiratory disorders. The major component of the PRRS is reproductive failure, causing premature births, late-term abortions and stillbirths, weak piglets, decreased farrowing rates and delayed return to estrus, with the consequence of significantly reduced production rates. Respiratory problems often lead to secondary infections, and cause increased mortality in young piglets. Several studies have estimated financial losses of US$113-236 per sow per year (see Ref. 1, 2) and annual losses of US$560 million per year in the US alone (see Ref. 3). Since November 1990, when the first case of PRRS was detected in Germany, it has spread throughout Europe causing major production losses. The vaccines that are currently available for PRRS do not offer protection against different strains of the virus, and...

Tecan Journal Articles

Reputation and accreditation are essential for clinical reference laboratories, helping to win new business and ensure a steady flow of work from existing customer labs. With diagnostic testing demands increasing year-on-year, Carpermor continually invests in cutting-edge assays and state-of-the-art laboratory automation to maintain the quality and efficiency of its services.

MLM Medical Labs is taking advantage of the Freedom EVOlyzer workstation’s optimized ELISA processing to help meet the complex laboratory support needs of clinical trials, increasing throughput and improving process security.

Vestfold Hospital Trust in Norway has chosen the Freedom EVOlyzer for automation of ELISA assays in its microbiology laboratory in Tonsberg.

Automation of nine ELISAbased serological tests for autoimmune and infectious diseases on the Freedom EVOlyzer® platform has saved Unilabs AB, Skövde, Sweden, a lot of labor, releasing valuable time for other activities.

Automation of nine ELISAbased serological tests for autoimmune and infectious diseases on the Freedom EVOlyzer® platform has saved Unilabs AB, Skövde, Sweden, a lot of labor, releasing valuable time for other activities.

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