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Freedom EVO® Clinical

IVD-D-ready pipetting platform


The Freedom EVO Clinical is Tecan’s IVD-D compliant (98/79/EC), open liquid handling platform developed to automate simple pipetting tasks. The Freedom EVO Clinical enhances the quality, safety and performance of the clinical diagnostic environment, for application such as enzyme immuno assay (EIA) preparation, sample distribution, tube split from source tubes into destination tubes and archiving.

Freedom EVO Clinical is driven by the intuitive Freedom EVOlution GUI in several languages.

The Freedom EVO Clinical is supported by a range of features and options that improve safety, security and efficiency, such as:

  • the loading interface option, monitoring the interaction of the user with the instrument
  • the integrated positive identification system for unrivalled security in decoding barcode labels, with an advanced sensor system to prevent manual manipulation of tubes during processing
  • panel door with window and shielded carriers for easy access to the worktable and operator protection
  • sample tracking through the whole process, flagging erroneous samples and unexpected events

The Freedom EVO Clinical has been developed to meet the requirements of Directive 98/79/EC-IVD.
The Freedom EVO Clinical is not for sale in the USA

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