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Smart extraction consumables

Smart sample preparation

Tecan's offers an extensive range of smart consumables that can be easily integrated into automated liquid handling workstations and sample prep workflows for mass spec applications.

Sample enrichment and clean-up techniques are offered for a wide variety of proprietary extraction technologies, enabling more efficient MS sample prep workflows.


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From microparticulate sorbents to affinity capture to TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction), as well as various enrichment and clean-up techniques, our proprietary extraction technologies simplify a broad array of sample preparation workflows for MS applications.

Cleaner samples reduce ion suppression and the number of interfering peaks in LC-MS analysis. Our microparticulate sorbents contain extra small flow paths, ensuring the analyte molecules maintain contact with the sorbent as they pass through the sorbent bed. This enables the various components of the sample matrix – including salts, proteins, fatty acids and phospholipids – to be easily removed.

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Positive pressure workstations

The Resolvex smart extraction consumables have been optimized to work with our suite of Resolvex positive pressure SPE workstations.

NBE and Cerex®

Narrow Bore Extraction columns

Our proprietary narrow bore extraction (NBE) technology enables a fundamental redesign of the SPE workflow, with clear improvements.

  • Novel air gap prevents sample flow until positive pressure is applied, allowing extended incubation steps in the column
  • 5x smaller elution volumes – micro-elution – enables direct injection into the MS instrument, eliminating evaporation steps
  • Narrower particle size distribution improves extraction efficiency
  • Reduced sample size means faster sample prep and more efficient workflows
  • Cleaner samples adding analytical column lifetime
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Cerex® columns

Cerex columns feature a unique polymeric microparticulate material with a high ion exchange capacity. Both strong cation and strong anion exchange columns are available.

  • Strong cation exchange (PSCX)
    - monodispersed particles
    - for extraction of drugs from urine
  • Strong anion exchange (PSAX)
    - high ion exchange capacity
    - for drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical compound clean-up from biological fluids
  • Water wettable polymer (WWP2)
    - hydrophilic-lipophilic balance
    - for acidic, basic and neutral analytes
    - ensures reliable removal of phospholipids
  • OFXQ and OFQC
    - for extraction from saliva
  • Trace-N and Trace-N20
    - end-capped, hydrophobic, C18-bonded silica
    - most common stationary phase
    - concentrates pesticides, herbicides and other organic contaminants
    - for extraction of hormones and drugs from biofluids
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Positive pressure workstations

The RESOLVEX smart extraction consumables have been optimized to work with our suite of RESOLVEX positive pressure SPE workstations.

AC Extraction Plate™

The AC Extraction Plate simplifies LC-MS sample prep for apolar small molecules, such as vitamin D, certain therapeutic drugs and testosterone. It speeds up your sample prep routine, and is a perfect match to our Freedom EVO® and Fluent® liquid handling platforms.

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Workflow and benefits

The AC Extraction Plate with TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction) technology revolutionizes your sample preparation routine. A simple pipette and shake sequence is all that is required, with no filtration, centrifugation or solvent evaporation steps. The AC Extraction Plate is easily integrated into automated processes, making it a perfect match for Freedom EVO and Fluent liquid handling platforms.


A simple pipette and shake workflow. No labor-intensive centrifugation, filtration or solvent evaporation steps.


Just unpack and start, no conditioning or other preparation needed. The entire sample prep protocol is completed in 30-35 min.


Pipette and shake routines are easily standardized and automated on a liquid handling platform, eliminating random errors and increasing consistency of results.

AC Extraction Plate steps


AC Extraction Plate

Presentation of the AC Extraction Plate and visualization of the step-by-step sample extraction process.

Using the AC Extraction Plate with the Freedom EVO and TouchTools™

The AC Extraction Plate offers easy automation on a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform. Clear instructions and information are provided by the TouchTools interface during the sample preparation process.

AC Extraction Plate – Interview at Analytica 2014

Explanation of the benefits of the AC Extraction Plate, and how this can help the customers to simplify their sample prep routines for apolar small molecules.

Clozapine therapeutic drug monitoring at King’s College Hospital, London

A senior clinical scientist explains how the AC Extraction Plate has helped them to save time and costs for the analysis of clozapine.

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One reliable platform, unlimited options, individual solutions.

Fluent series

Simplify your lab with industry-leading, application-focused automation.


For research use only.

Protein affinity capture tips

MSIA Streptavidin Affinity Capture Tips are affinity microcolumns with the capability to capture and purify antibodies and other proteins from various samples.

The fact that the purification takes place within a tip has several advantages.

Cost saving

  • Faster assay development and execution

Ready to use

  • No need to aliquot

Time saving

  • Decreased incubation time
  • Parallel processing of 96 samples

No affinity matrix loss

  • Increase lifespan of LC-MS instrument
  • Improves consistency of results

Sample volume independent

  • ~10 μL to ml volumes

Reproducible data

  • Minimal analytical variability

Low background

  • Reduced non-specific binding
  • Improved analytical sensitivity

No clogging

  • Microcolumn is resistant to compression, unlike resin-based support materials

Additional features

  • Versatility to integrate unique assay steps, such as heated enzymatic processing

Enhanced binding capacity

  • Extended assay dynamic range
  • Improved signal
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Freedom EVO series

One reliable platform, unlimited options, individual solutions.

Fluent series

Simplify your lab with industry-leading application focused automation.

For research use only.

Application notes – AC Extraction Plate™

This application note shows how antidepressants were quantified from whole blood, using samples spiked with standards and authentic samples from impaired drivers.

Application note showing how the AC Extraction Plate can be used for the quantification of estradiol from serum samples.

In this application note describes a method for sample prep and quantitative analysis of THC from urine.

In this application note, a method for sample prep and quantitation of 25-OH-vitamin D is presented.

An automated method for the determination of testosterone in serum by LC-MS using a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform is presented.

An application note describing a method for automated sample preparation for vitamin D analysis on the Freedom EVO liquid handling platform.

The application note presents a method for sample prep and quantitation of the painkiller ibuprofen in pig urine.

This application covers a method for sample prep and LC-MS quantification of Vitamin D with the AC Extraction Plate. Day-to-day variability is also investigated and documented.

Technical notes – AC Extraction Plate

A technical description of how the AC Extraction Plate simplifies sample preparation, and which types of analytes this product is particularly suitable for.

This technical note presents evidence that the extracts from the AC Extraction Plate are free of proteins.

This technical note shows that extractables, which potentially come from labware, have no influence on vitamin D analysis by LC-MS with respect to ion suppression

In this technical note, a preliminary screening of several dozen analytes is performed, and the outcome is discussed on the basis of structure-activity relationships

This technical note describes quality control procedures in detail.

White paper – AC Extraction Plate

This white paper explains in detail the technology of the AC Extraction Plate, providing information on the extraction steps and showing which analytes it can be used for. It also contains a Q&A section.

Posters – AC Extraction Plate

Poster displaying the results of using the AC Extraction Plate for extraction and LC-MSMS analysis of anti-depressants

Poster comparing the AC Extraction Plate with another commercially available consumable for the extraction of multiple steroids in one run.

Poster presenting the results for automated sample prep and LC-MS quantification of vitamin D.

Poster describing how the AC Extraction Plate and the Freedom EVO liquid handling platform can be used for therapeutic drug monitoring of clozapine.

This poster compares two different sample prep procedures for estradiol.

This poster presents an automated method for the extraction and quantification of THC metabolites for LC-MS

This poster describes how the AC Extraction Plate can be automated on a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform.