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Clinical solutions

How do we bring value to our diagnostic customers?

The clinical diagnostic industry is facing a myriad of challenges - consolidation driven increases in test volumes, drive to reduce turn-around-times, a dynamic reimbursement landscape and regulatory uncertainty.

The key to sustained profitability for diagnostic labs is to work with partners that enable them to create additional value for their partners in healthcare. This means faster and more accurate results to physicians so they can make robust and timely therapy decisions and fostering improved care for patients, whilst reducing costs and boosting quality.

Achieving this would entail that clinical labs understand and reclassify automation of lab workflows from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘mission critical’.

Tecan’s automation solutions are empowering diagnostic labs worldwide to do just that -reduce costs and errors, boost quality and compliance, increase volumes, and address the issue of workforce shortages; all the while fostering better healthcare.