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Molecular diagnostics

Automation solutions for molecular diagnostic workflows

High complexity molecular techniques such as nucleic acid amplification, next generation sequencing (NGS), mass spectrometry, microarrays and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) are employed in diagnostic laboratories for a range of disease areas – metabolic diseases, cancer diagnostics, reproductive genetics and transplantation medicine. This opportunity to provide targeted healthcare does come with challenges. Inaccuracies in the typically long test processes due to operator variability can lead to wrong treatment decisions being a peril to patient health and increasing healthcare costs. Analytical validity, i.e. accuracy, precision and reproducibility of the assay is a major factor for labs to get payor coverage agreements. In addition, as volumes of esoteric assays increase, clinical labs are challeged with consolidating test menus’s on fewer automated platforms, thus maximizing their return on investments.


Tecan’s capabilities in automating molecular genetic workflows.
Fractionate Aliquot Extract
    Assay PCR Setup
NGS sample prep
aCGH Setup
How do we bring value to our customers
Address consolidation needs on fewer platforms for higher volumes of specialty diagnostics assays.
Strengthen analytical validity for achieving payor coverage and future-proof investments in molecular assays.
Reduce assay run failure rates, reagent purchase expenses and turn-around-time for critical assays (i.e. with high CLIA complexity).
Support your confidence in results through full traceability and compliance to highest quality standards.